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Choice Mortgage Bank, Inc

Client Situation:
Choice Mortgage Bank works with the real estate agent, the title company and the appraiser. Their goal is to take the stress away from the customer and streamline the loan process.

Marketing Strategy:
To create a significant point of differentiation in a historically crowded category often dominated by big brand banks. How we execute against this strategy is that Choice Mortgage Bank is a direct lender, and we provide the direct line to the CEO for “anytime approval.”

Integrated Solution:
Extensive presence on News Radio 1290, WJNO & Real Radio 94.3, WZZR. Alignment with Brian Mudd (providing trust, credibility) & extreme knowledge of the financial category. Media mix consists of live endorsements, recorded 30’s and 60’s (terrestrial & iHeart), mobile in-app, ROS Banners, feature sponsorship of “Love Doctors” Podcast.

Campaign Results:
Since the inception of the campaign (November 2015), secured new mortgage deals in excess of 1.50 million dollars. Continual inquiries are received from listeners that are forwarded and have turned into deals.

Christ Fellowship

Client Situation:
Christ Fellowship, a local church organization, was hosting an extra special event with guest speaker Nick Vujicic. Vujicic, an inspirational speaker, is famously known for being born with no arms or legs. The three day event was held in West Palm Beach at the Christ Fellowship Main Campus. They also had a live on-line broadcast.

Marketing Strategy:
Create excitement for the weekend by utilizing on-air and on-line elements to target key age demographics, including Adults 18-49, Adults 25-54 and Adults 35+.

Integrated Solution:
A campaign on-air and on-line was creatively developed to air two weeks prior to the event.

  • On-Air :30 Second commercials voiced by Vujicic aired on WLDI, WJNO, WOLL, and WBZT.
  • :30 second endorsement commercials voiced by Brian Mudd ran on WJNO.
  • Online :30 Second commercials with linked companion banner ad on WLDI, WJNO, WOLL, and WBZT.
  • News vignettes WJNO created five news vignettes that aired the week prior to the event on WJNO. Event information was also shared on station websites.

Campaign Results:

  • Over 39,000 people attended the unlimited weekend with Nick Vujicic
  • 3,300 people were NEW to Christ Fellowship
  • 60,000 people watched online broadcast


Client Situation:
Experimac, formerly The Mac Toy Store, needed to brand themselves under their new name and attract more customers to their newly renovated store. At the time they had one location and a limited budget.

Marketing Strategy:
Combine the power of talk radio and it’s long time spent listening with a high frequency schedule and extremely creative commercial copy for the initial 30 day launch. Subsequent months included integrating an endorsement campaign.

Integrated Solution:
WZZR-FM Talk Radio

1st Month
24 (:15) attention grabbing commercials 6a-7p Mon-Thu
50 (:30) streaming commercials Mon-Sun
Courtside with the Heat sponsorship (10 name mentions/week)

2nd & 3rd Month
Live :30 endorsement campaign Mid days Mon-Fri
10 (:15) Rotators Mon-Fri 6a-7p
25 (:30) streaming commercials

Campaign Results:
By the 3rd month of their campaign, sales had increased nearly 50%. By the 8th month mark sales had tripled requiring them to double the size of their location. In their 2nd year they added 2 stations to their existing campaign and have since opened a 2nd location in addition to partnering with a franchise group.

While on vacation from New York, a listener heard the WZZR endorsement commercial and checked out the store. As a result, he purchased a franchise which will be the first Experimac location in New York to open later this year – a direct result of the endorsement campaign and partnership with iHeartMedia.


Client Situation:
Nutropia is a healthily food delivery service, new to the Palm Beach area. They were looking to build their brand and educate the consumer on eating healthy and the convenience of food delivery.

Marketing Strategy:
Align a trusted personality with the brand to act as influencer to create brand affinity. Brian Mudd, host of the WJNO morning show is a trusted and credible personality with a successful endorsement track record.

Integrated Solution:
A campaign on air and online was creatively developed based on a strict budget.

On-Air: :60 second bi-Weekly endorsement campaign
Online: :60 second bi-weekly endorsement campaign

Campaign Results:
In the first two weeks, Nutropia received eight new clients directly from hearing Brian Mudd’s endorsements. The client is extremely happy with radio results and continues to take advantage of the endorsement.

Palm Beach Outlets

Client Situation:
The Palm Beach Outlets celebrated its 2nd Birthday with a major league cake eating contest event.

Marketing Strategy:
Develop and execute a campaign to drive traffic to shop and increase sales. Promote the birthday celebration events including a major league cake eating contest and in store special offers. Continue to increase brand recognition and social media presence in the market as the premier shopping destination.

Integrated Solution:
The Palm Beach Outlets took advantage of an integrated campaign with Wild 95.5 including on-air, on-line, and on-site elements to attract current and new customers to visit, attend events and shop.

ON-AIR: :60 on-air and streaming commercials (with companion banners) and promotional mentions ran one week prior to the event. Interview on-air and on-blog with afternoon personality Maverick and prior year cake eating champion.

ON-SITE: 2-Hour remote with personality, music, prizes, interaction, Wild 95.5 cupcakes and more during the cake eating contest.

ON-LINE: A specialty video was created on property by Maverick to promote event and placed on social media and wild955.com. Inclusion in station E-blast, Homepage Takeover and iHeartRadio Video Pre-Roll executed. Social Media posts before, during and after event on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Campaign Results:
Expectations were exceeded for on-site traffic, sales generated and attendance at cake eating contest. Social media generated impactful exposure.

  • 70,559 impressions Post Displayed
  • 20,090 impressions Social Media Reach
  • 5,404 impressions Video Pre-Roll
  • 4,744 impressions Companion Banners
  • 1,866 Impressions Home Page Takeovers
  • 466 Engaged Users who clicked or reposted

Client was thrilled with Wild 95.5 and is looking forward to partnering with station again.

Sunrise Theatre For The Performing Arts

Client Situation:
Sunrise Theatre had a long-standing partnership with Treasure and Space Coast Radio. For years the Sunrise had featured them as their Official Media Sponsor. Tickets sales were lukewarm, with some major shows selling poorly.

Marketing Strategy:
A new annual Partnership recognizing iHeartMedia as their Official Media Sponsor. Combining efforts between sales, promotions and on-air we effectively created a media plan to promote their country, classic rock and general market shows. By including multiple iHeart stations with different formats, the Sunrise Theatre reached a new and diverse audience of concert goers.

Integrated Solution:
Commercials produced in house for all their shows. High frequency, :30 second commercial schedules to air week prior to show, complimented with high frequency promotional schedules, including ticket giveaways and contesting. Included Mobile in App banners with “click to buy tickets”call to action.

Campaign Results:
The Sunrise Theatre has seen a considerable increase in ticket sales, annual memberships and has reached new theater goers from surrounding Palm Beach and Indian River markets. The original proposal focused primarily on their country, adult contemporary and classic rock shows. With the increase in ticket sales, they have also moved their Broadway and Comedy Series shows to iHeartMedia. The Sunrise Theatre has verbally committed to renewing our Partnership for the 2016-2017 Concert Series and beyond.

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